PPFA FOUNDATION is an organization with the purpose of the enhancement of education for children, youths, and young adults in rural areas of Cameroon who do not have access to books or libraries because of problems related to the absence of local resources and socioeconomic dynamics. Our goal is to make every dollar given to the organization count. One child One book, One village One Library is our motto. We pride ourselves on our financial efficiency, donor accountability, and operational transparency. It is of great importance to us that our sponsors and donors understand and see how PPFA Foundation operates. That is why our in-depth annual reports, is an open book. This organization strives for 100% transparency. 

Causes Description

PPFA Foundation seeks out opportunities for community outreach through our ambassador program which involves sending ambassadors (retired and active teachers in high schools and universities in the USA) to fulfill our mission of raising awareness and funds for used educational materials which otherwise would be thrown away; this by utilizing a variety of means such as charity events, clinics, photography, and writing. Through these means, the issue of chronic illiteracy will be highlighted and brought to the attention of diverse audiences. An example of this program is the work performed by one of our ambassadors at La Vernia High School in San Antonio; she was able to partner with a small group of students to collect over 9000 textbooks.

Causes Content

2017 - 2018 
•  Tabenken village gets 6000 books and a small community library and books
•  GHS Nkambe & village receives 4000 text books and teaching materials.
•  Ako village gets 2000 text books and teaching materials.
•  Bamenda General Hospital gets a motorized wheelchair and some laboratory equipment.
•  Catholic University of Bamenda - 6000 books, microscopes, and teaching materials

2018 - 2019 Recipients
  • University of Bamenda - 7000 Books, microscopes, laboratory materials, and teaching materials
  • University of Buea - 8000 Books, microscopes, laboratory equipment, and teaching materials

2019 - 2020

•  Batouri - 5000 text books & teaching materials 
•  Baffoussam - 5000 text books and teaching materials.
•  Douala - 5000 text books and teaching materials.

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